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Exclusive Offer

Washington Park Chiropractic Classes

Lower Extremity Mobility, Recovery and Taping
at Orange Theory Wash Park

Sunday, June 26 at 3pm
Dr. Goodman, Dr. Buzek, Amanda and Jessica are teaching this DIY Lower Extremity Workshop. Hips, Knees, Ankles and Feet. 
  • Learn how to use your favorite mobility tools (foam rollers, balls and sticks)
  • Learn how to stretch and actually improve mobility
  • Learn how to apply kinesiology tape to yourself and your friends for support & style during a workout

Key: Bring a friend
Price: $25 (includes a roll or RockTape)
Register: at Orange Theory Fitness Wash Park

Mobility and Recovery

Taught by Dr. Lisa Goodman DC, Dr. Jace Buzek DC, and Jillian Keaveny from Pearl Street Fitness 

Next Class: TBD

Register Here

Everyone should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves! This workshop is essential to every human who wants to know how to stay strong, flexible and pain-free. It will enhance your workouts and make your chiropractic adjustments more productive and last longer.

Mobility “ability to move or be moved freely and easily”

Mobility helps us help you…

Perfect your workout form

Get more out of your chiropractic adjustments & massage

Longer lasting health benefits

Increase your strength, ability, and speed

Recovery “a return to normal or healthy condition”

Recovery is vital to get stronger, faster and staying well

Decrease muscle soreness after workout

Speed recovery between workouts

Increase frequency of workouts

Improve flexibility

What you’ll learn

What the newest advanced self treatment options and tools are that can be used to increase mobility and how to use them

How to self-treat specific common injuries that keep you from maximizing your workouts and daily activities

Proper modifications for workouts

The do’s and dont’s of self care

10 most useful and important yoga poses/stretches to do daily

Where? Pearl Street Fitness

When? TBD

Price: $25

-Attendance is limited to 20

-Wear athletic/yoga clothing

*attendants will get discounts on foam rollers, balls and mobility products*

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